Our sponsors

£200 sponsors

The following practices raised money as part of the £200 project...

Willows Veterinary Centre

'Thank you' to Willows in Solihull who raised money by holding a cake sale and donating money to PetSavers at Congress 2016.

Inshes Veterinary Centre

'Thank you' to Inshes Veterinary Centre based in Inverness, who raised money for PetSavers as part of the £200 project.

Emscote Vets

'Thank you' to Emscote Vets in Warwickshire, who raised money in a variety of ways including a 'guess the staff pets weight' competition, dog walk, Easter egg raffle and an abseil!

Isabelle Vets

'Thank you' to Guernsey-based Isabelle Vets, who raised money for PetSavers and became a PetSavers practice.

Shubbery Veterinary Group

'Thank you' to Shubbery Veterinary Group based in Kent, who raised money for PetSavers.

Corporate sponsors

The following companies have supported PetSavers in a variety of ways, from giving us large discounts at events or providing their services free of charge, or by raising money for PetSavers.  If you are interested in supporting us in this way and you are not a veterinary practice, we would welcome your help so please contact us!

Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns Pet Nutrition supply natural food for dogs, cats and rabbits and have supported PetSavers through donations..

Newfs in Action

The Newfoundland dog charity has kindly donated £200 to PetSavers - thank you so much!


Norbrook, a pharmaceutical company, raised money and donated hundreds of pounds to PetSavers.

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