Frequently asked questions

Whether you are interested in applying for a PetSavers grant or would like to know more about fundraising, you will find some frequently asked questions listed below.  

If your query has not been covered, please do not hesistate to contact us on 01452 726723 or email and we will be happy to help.



Grant FAQs

How much funding is available for each type of grant?

Petsavers grants are currently available for the following types of projects:
Masters Degree by Research (MDR)
PetSavers will fund, for a period of one year the following costs up to a maximum in aggregate of £35,000 (but subject to the individual limitations set out below.
  • Postgraduate student stipend (currently £15,000 - £18,000)
  • Payment of University fees
  • Equipment and consumables (up to £10,000 including VAT) depending on the nature of the project.
Clinical Research Project (CRP)
Costs £1,000-£8,000

Veterinary Cardiovascular Society Research Project (VCSRP)
Costs £1,000-£8,000 (match-funded by the VCS)

  • A stipend of £200 per week for 6-10 weeks
  • £500 for consumables
  • A student ticket for BSAVA Congress in the year of the award
  • A travel bursary of £100 to attend BSAVA Congress

What criteria are used to judge the applications?

All applications must meet the Petsavers criteria:

  • The study involves only naturally occurring disease in small animals; there must be no experimental or artificial induction of disease.
  • The anticipated results of the study will result in a change in diagnosis or management of small animal disease.
  • The study is supervised by people with veterinary clinical skills and knowledge.
    Any interventions on animals (including obtaining samples) would be considered part of Recognised Veterinary Practice.
  • All applications should indicate whether ethical approval has been obtained and if not what steps will be taken to ensure that the project achieves ethical approval.
  • Applicant must state how the results will directly benefit cats, dogs or other companion animals. If the benefit is not direct, they must suggest how many further steps (and at what cost) they believe it will take before a benefit becomes apparent.

After that applications for MDR and CRP applications are also considered in terms of: 

  • Study design
  • Scientific merit
  • Feasibility
  • Applicability to practice

In addition, MDR applications are assessed for the standard of student training that will be provided.
It is therefore helpful if you make sure you have provided information on these

Do I need a formal ethical review?

In most cases the answer to this question will be yes as most clinical research will involve either procedures on animals or on samples taken from animals. Work carried out on tissues derived from pet animals during a normal post-mortem examination is allowed, provided that the owners’ written informed consent has first been obtained.

We recommend that you read the report of the RCVS/BVA working party on Ethical Review for Practice-based Research

For those without access to ethical approval through a recognised research institution, the RCVS Ethics Review Panel can provide ethical approval for practice-based clinical research.

What research costs will PetSavers pay for?

Every year we receive questions regarding the use of PetSavers funds, therefore we have provided a separate document “What does PetSavers pay for” to help with interpretation. In order to give your application the maximum chance of success please provide  detailed information on how the money will be spent and include sufficient detail in the application for the grant awarding committee to be able to assess whether this will be an appropriate use of PetSavers funds.

Does PetSavers fund salaries?

PetSavers do not fund salaries as part of the Student Research Project and Clinical Research Prpject grant streams.  However, they do fund a stipend for a student undertaking a Masters Degree by Research.

Can project peer reviewers be associated with the research?

Peer reviewers need to be independent of the research project.

Can veterinary nurses apply for a grant?

Veterinary nurses are eligible to apply for the Student Research Project and Masters Degree by Research grants, but the application must be supported by a vet.

Do I need to be a BSAVA member to apply for a grant?

No, you do not have to be a BSAVA member to apply for any PetSavers grant, our grants are open to all veterinary professionals.

Can a PetSavers grant be used to pay for travel and accommodation?

PetSavers will cover reasonable travel costs associated with data collection, but do not fund travel, accommodation or attendance at conferences as a delegate. A separate fund (capped at £500 per applicant) can be applied for once the research has been completed.  This allowance is to enable the applicant to present PetSavers funded research at a suitable conferences.

Fundraising FAQs

How do I give the money I have raised to PetSavers?

To return your money to us, please contact PetSavers for a money return form or use the one sent to you in your fundraising pack.

Please complete the form clearly and we can accept your donations by debit card, credit card or cheque.  

Alternatively, you can pay online via the PetSavers JustGiving account

Do I have to be a BSAVA member to raise money for PetSavers?

No, you do not have to be a BSAVA member, or even in the veterinary profession to raise money for us. We welcome support from everyone!

Do I need to have insurance to organise an event?

PetSavers will cover public liability, but your event will need to be approved and registered with PetSavers.  PetSavers will not be responsible for any damage to equipment or property.

Do I need a licence for a fundraising event?

This will depend on what your event involves.   Please check with your local authority whether or not you need to obtain a special licence e.g. public entertainment or collection of alcohol licences.

Do I need special permission to hold an event in a public area?

If your event is being held on public or private land, you will need to check with your local council or the land owner if permission is needed.   If you are taking dogs on the land, check that they are allowed access. 

Will PetSavers pay for the fee to participate in an organised activity like a marathon or skydive?

We often buy places in running events such as the Bath Half and the London Marathon.  PetSavers will consider paying fees for more extreme activities if the participant can raise enough funds through sponsorship to cover the cost.

These are decided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further. 

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