PetSavers Student Research Project

PetSavers Student Research Project

Following on from a wonderful response to the 40th Anniversary grants in 2014, to commemorate 40 years of funding clinical research and training programmes, PetSavers will now award eight student grants of £1,000 for each veterinary school in the UK and one specifically for veterinary nurses.

The decision to carry on with the PetSavers Student Research Project reflects the charity’s commitment to ensuring that first-class research into small companion diseases continue in the future. The 40th Anniversary grant was the first of its kind for PetSavers and provides a great opportunity for veterinary students and veterinary nurses to work on a companion animal clinical research project.

PetSavers funds clinical research specifically designed to advance knowledge of conditions affecting small animals kept as pets with the ultimate aim of advancing the understanding of the cause and/or management of a clinical disorder. Projects are selected in the hope that study results will have a rapid and positive impact on the way diseases are diagnosed, managed and treated in general practice as well as at a specialist level.

A project will be considered by PetSavers to constitute 'small animal clinical research' if it meets most of the following criteria:

  • The study involves only naturally occurring disease in small animals; there must be no experimental or artificial induction of disease.
  • The anticipated results of the study will result in a change in diagnosis or management of small animal disease.
  • The study is supervised by people with veterinary clinical skills and knowledge.
  • Any interventions on animals (including obtaining samples) would be considered part of normal veterinary practice.
  • The applicant must state how the results will directly benefit cats, dogs or other companion animals. If the benefit is not direct, they must suggest how many further steps (and at what cost) they believe it will take before a benefit becomes apparent.
  • All applications should indicate whether ethical approval has been obtained and if not what steps will be taken to ensure that the project achieves ethical approval.

This grant has now closed. Veterinary students should apply through their university and veterinary nurses can apply directly to the BSAVA. Each university will be able to submit one or two applications to a total value of £1,000.

The awards will be announced in Autumn 2016 and the projects will have to be completed and written up by December 2017.

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