Paws For Life Resource Centre

Thank you for organising a Paws For Life dog walk in your local area! Your support is vital to the charity and will give you and your dog the opportunity to help with the fight to find cures and treatments for the serious illnesses that affect so many of our pets. Below you will find lots of resources designed to help your day go smoothly.  

Your PetSavers point of contact is Jane Cordier and you can reach her on 01452 726723 or at

Resource  Description 
Organiser's guide Contains tips on finding the right location, how much to charge walkers and the general process of organising your walk 
Promotional guide Advice on how to promote your walk including obtaining local media coverage with a press release template
Tips for the day  Additional tips for the actual running of the event 
Poster A downloadable poster to help spread the word on your walk 
Bunting  This bunting can be used at your walk 
Registration form Please use this form to capture details of your dog walkers as they arrive 
Sponsor form  A form to be circulated by email or in person prior to your walk to enable walkers to collect sponsorship money 
Money return form A form to use to correctly send your money back to PetSavers 

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