Photography Competition 2016 Winners

The winners of the PetSavers 2016 photographic competition have been announced!  It was another bumper year for entries and we received many fantastic photos from pet owners.

The annual competition is aimed at encouraging amateur photographers to enter pictures of their pets that capture the special relationships they have with them.  There were two categories: Adult (16 years and over) and Junior (15 years and under), with the top three winners in each category winning photographic vouchers. PetSavers was honoured to welcome Christopher Timothy as this year’s judge. Christopher, who played the vet, James Herriot, in the BBC TV series, All Creatures Great and Small, was pleased to support PetSavers, commenting:  “It’s really important that research for both human and animal diseases is in place, PetSavers do that for our furry friends.  Let’s support them in any way we can.”

 Adult winners


1st prize Kelly Roberts  'Lola in Camouflage.' Christopher said that this image:  “Reminds me of one of our dogs...had to get the ball no matter what!”

Kelly wins £400 of Wex Photographic vouchers. 


2nd prize Phil Mann 'Shake, Shake, Shake' 

Christopher commented:  “What a great moment, bet that was hard to catch.”

Phil wins £200 of Wex Photographic vouchers.


 3rd prize Mathew Odell with his Spaniel Dexter. 

Mathew said: “Dexter provides the only male company in my house as I have two daughters, Lucy 5 and Jessica 3. Dexter enjoys chasing his ball and water, which is why he looks like he’s enjoying himself in the photo.”

Christopher said: “Great image - amazing water splashes on film.”

Mathew wins £100 of Wex Photographic vouchers.


Special recognition  

Christopher also agreed that a picture of Archie the Lurcher taken by Alastair Cox, deserved special recognition. 

He said it was a “Beautiful majestic dog... what a regal looking chap."

Alastair wins a signed DVD box set of all 89 episodes of All Creatures Great and Small.

Junior winners


1st Prize

Samantha Foster 'Poppy and Lady.'

Christopher thought this was a “Wonderful image.”

Samantha wins £150 Wex photographic vouchers.


 2nd prize

Beth Sweetland With her photo called 'Dog'.

This image captures a game Beth plays with her dog:  “1,2,3,4,5,……100, ready or not here I come!”

Christopher said: “That’s me in the morning!”

Beth wins £100 of Wex photographic vouchers.


3rd prize Ben Duursma 'Femke'

Ben said: “This is a shot of my cat Femke as she gazed out into the garden.  I love how the black and white details really show the expression on her face.”

Christopher said: “It reminds me of our first cat as a family, beautiful cat.” Ben wins £100 of Wex photographic vouchers.

Congratulations to all seven winners and thank you to those of you who submitted a photo!  The 2017 competition will launch in the summer.