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Gyles Brandreth, PetSavers patron, shares his passion for pets

  • 27/06/2016 22:23:00
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Gyles Brandreth, PetSavers patron, shares his passion for pets

Acclaimed writer and broadcaster, Gyles Brandreth, took time out of his busy one-man tour to show support for PetSavers in his capacity as Patron of the charity that is dedicated to funding vital research into companion animal diseases.

The witty raconteur and Just a Minute favourite was at Bristol’s Redgrave Theatre in June performing his show ‘Word Power’, having rushed west from London having spent the morning commenting for the BBC on the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. His passion for pets meant he was keen to spare the time to meet PetSavers fundraiser Jane Cordier to show his support for PetSavers.

“It has been a delight to meet with Jane and hear of the plans for PetSavers. I want to offer my support in whatever way I can, because I believe that we humans benefit in so many ways from being pet owners. There is no National Health Service to fund the advancement of veterinary science, so it is up to us as individuals to do what we can to redress the balance and help ensure that veterinary medicine continues to grow.”

PetSavers was established in 1974 to fund studies into finding treatments and cures for illnesses which affect companion animals. PetSavers has funded studies into a wide range of conditions, including kidney disease, anaemia, diabetes, feline leukaemia, deafness, cancer and heart disease.

Jane Cordier, who was appointed to the new role of PetSavers Fundraiser in March, said, “Gyles has such enthusiasm for the work of PetSavers and so it important that we keep him up-to-date on our various projects. To ensure PetSavers is able to continue to fund vital research, we hope that the veterinary profession and public will work with us to improve the lives of the companion animals in our care.”



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