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Emergency aid at Countryfile

  • 23/08/2016 17:13:00
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Emergency aid at Countryfile

The PetSavers exhibit stand at the recent Countryfile Live show in August was a great success.  Set in the magnificent grounds of Blenheim Palace, the show welcomed a total of 125,808 visitors over the four days. PetSavers estimate that over 100 dog owners visited the veterinary field clinic for free health checks for their dogs and hundreds more stopped to find out about the charity.
PetSavers presence at the show attracted high profile attention when the vets responded to a dramatic emergency rescue of an injured and distressed dog.  On the Friday morning, the volunteer vets, Susan Macaldowie and Julian Hoad, rushed to treat the dog, which was in a critical state.   The dog had ruptured the cruciate ligament in his hind leg.  With temperatures rising and the crowds building, it was not long before the dog became extremely distressed. 

With news travelling around the show, members of The Kennel Club, hurried to carry bottles of water to cool the dog.  With limited resources, the vets succeeded in lowering his temperature and much to the owner’s relief, after an hour of emergency care, they were able to stabilize him.  When the dog was comfortable, transport was arranged to move him and his owner off the show ground. 

The owner of the dog contacted PetSavers afterwards and thanked them for saving her dog.  She said:  “Without the help of your staff I think I could have had a dead dog, they really were life savers that day, they got him cooled down, gave me advice about his cruciate & helped organise his transport back to my car and they stayed with us and got him into the back.”

Regrettably a few days later, PetSavers received another email, this time with sad news.  The dog had to have his injured leg amputated and was coping well on three legs.  Sadly, on the following Tuesday he lost the fight and died. His owner told us:

“Tuesday evening he went out into the front garden (his favourite place) laid down and died. So although we are very upset over his untimely death at least he died at home in his favourite spot.”

A sad end to an amazing story, but one that also demonstrates the dedication of our vets, whose swift action delivered a message at Countryfile show, that PetSavers save pets lives.


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