Our fundraisers

Thank you to our recent fundraisers...

Susannah and Calwyn Brown

Thank you to Susannah and Calwyn who raised almost £600 by trekking 50km through the Brecon Beacons.

Angela Lipson

Thank you to Angela who raised just over £1,000 for us by running the London Marathon. She completed the 26 mile route in 3 hours 56 minutes - what a fantastic achievement!

Willows Veterinary Centre

Willows generously donated £1,000 to PetSavers at BSAVA Congress. Thank you for choosing us!

Ewell Veterinary Centre

Ewell Vets in Surrey organised a dog walk and raised just over £500. It was a lovely sunny day and lots of fun was had by all!

Jackie Harrop

Jackie had the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica where she cycled a gruelling 1,000 miles coast to coast. The trip was entirely funded by Jackie and she raised just over £700 for PetSavers. Jackie described the 30 degree heat, bumpy tracks and 100% humidity as 'challenging but rewarding'. Thank you Jackie!

Abbey House Veterinary Hospital

Thank you to the staff at Abbey House for raising £335 for PetSavers by holding 6 cake sales. Staff and clients munched their way through chocolate cake, coconut and lime cake, tray bakes, biscuits and pork pies!

Julia Thomson

Julia and her brother Mike raised £160 for us by taking part in the Windsor Triathalon. They swam 1.5km in the chilly Thames, cycled 42km and ran 10km all in under 3 hours! Thank you to both of you for choosing PetSavers.

Lucy Chappell

Lucy and her partner Dave cycled 54 miles from London to Brighton in memory of their dog Tess who sadly passed away after septic fluid leaked into her abdomen after having her gallbladder removed. Their vet recommended PetSavers to the couple who then raised £700 for us. We are sorry for your loss and thank you for helping PetSavers.

Andrew Hutchison

For his 60th birthday, Andrew decided he didn't want presents and instead asked his friends and family to donate to PetSavers. As a vet, Andrew has seen the impact our charity has had, and so this kind act raised £875. Thank you Andrew!

Martin Cameron-Blake

Thank you to Martin, who raised £265 by running the London 10k. Martin chose PetSavers as he said he wants to continue to help pets in the UK while one of his sponsors commented that it's nice to see vets supporting animal charities. Thank you Martin!

Northwest Surgeons

The team at Northwest Surgeons faced their fears by hurtling across a quarry at Zip World in Snowdonia. They raised £200 for PetSavers so thank you very much!

Doris Kropf and Robert Francis

Doris and Robert ran the London 10k and raised £100 for us. They chose PetSavers as they believe our pets deserve the best care available. Thank you to both of you!

Heidi Featherstone

Heidi chose to raise money for PetSavers by running the Bath Half Marathon in March 2017.

William Goad

William raised almost £400 by running 26 miles off-road in the Glencoe Marathon. On his Just Giving page, Martin highlighted that no laboratory animals are used in our studies and that we strive to understand how animal diseases work and how to treat them better. Thank you for spreading the word and raising this money William!

Helen Jenkins

Helen took part in the Bath Half Marathon for us in March 2017. Thank you Helen!

Lara Middleton

Lara took part in the Bath Half Marathon for us in March 2017. Thank you to Lara for training so hard and using her time to support PetSavers!

Claudia Hartley

Claudia raised money for PetSavers by running the Bath Half Marathon in March 2017.

University of Bristol

Vet students Felicity Whitehouse, Holly Ravenhall, Zoe Hebblethwaite, Abbie Whitehouse and Zolly Whitaker ran the Bath Half and raised money for our charity. Thank you Team!

Glastonbury Bike Challenge

BSAVA South West regional chair Jim Hughes organised a 60km bike ride in honour of PetSavers in May 2018 and raised £370. Fun was had by all and thank you to everyone that worked hard to complete the challenge and all the supporters for their kind donations!

Isle Valley Vets

Staff from Isle Valley Vets took part in the Glastonbury Bike Challenge and between them raised £880 for us! Well done and thank you for your incredible donation.

Sarah Corbett

In memory of her beloved dog Bouncer, Sarah ran the Brighton 10k in April 2018. Sarah wanted to do all she could to help prevent other pet owners from going through the heartbreak of losing a pet. Sarah and her husband Andy raised an amazing £1,172. Thank you for your generous donation Sarah and Andy!

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