Our volunteers

Message from Susan Macaldowie, previous PetSavers Management Committee Chair


"Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our charity. PetSavers has been fundraising and allocating grants to help with research into small animal (pet) diseases for over 40 years.  We operate in the rapidly evolving field of small animal medical and surgical advances, but many projects have relevance to large numbers of pets, who may be affected by disease or benefit from improvements in preventative care.

A big part of our work is fundraising, to allow us to continue providing the money. Volunteers run our committees to coordinate this and scrutinise the grant applications we receive, supported by a few dedicated staff members within the British Small Animal Veterinary Association offices. In addition, we depend on vets, nurses, practices and owners around the country getting involved in events and collections on our behalf. Awareness of the charity amongst pet owners, breeders and the veterinary profession is key, as all help to inform research needs, seeing the incidence and changing trends in our pet population."


The Grant Awarding Committee

The Grant Awarding Committee comprises a team of veterinary academics and practitioners who all specialise in the field of companion animal diseases. They assist in awarding grants to scientists in universities, practices and research organisations following a rigorous selection process.

  • Jeremy Kirk, Practitioner– Chair of PetSavers Grant Awarding Committee
  • David Killick, University of Liverpool – Outgoing Chair of PetSavers Grant Awarding Committee
  • Rosie Godfrey, Practitioner – Chair of PetSavers Management Committee
  • Sheldon Middleton, Practitioner – President/Board Member
  • Elizabeth Bode, Practitioner
  • Alisdair Boag, University of Edinburgh
  • Nick Jeffery, Texas A&M University
  • Adam GowUniversity of Edinburgh
  • Nina Rzechorzek, University of Cambridge
  • Lyndsay Kennedy, RVN
  • Lisa Morrow, University of Nottingham
  • Sarah Hayes, University of Oxford
  • Caroline Pellet-Many, RVC – Lay scientist 
  • Sarah Williams – PetSavers Coordinator/Minutes Secretary (BSAVA staff)


The Management Committee

The Management Committee meets three times a year and is made up of veterinary surgeons and nurses who are responsible for the everyday running and organisation of the charity. The PetSavers Management Committee oversees expenditure by the charity in addition to planning how to raise income through various events and fundraising initiatives. 

  • Rosie Godfrey, Practitioner – Chair of PetSavers Management Committee
  • Jeremy Kirk, Practitioner – Chair of PetSavers Grant Awarding Committee
  • Sheldon Middleton, Practitioner – President/Board Member
  • Vanessa Miller, Practitioner – PetSavers Regional Representative
  • Georgia Owen, Practitioner – PetSavers Regional Representative
  • Daisy Norgate, Practitioner – PetSavers Regional Representative
  • Alexa Montgomery, Practitioner – PetSavers Regional Representative
  • Ruth Auchterlounie, Practitioner – PetSavers Regional Representative
  • Lyndsay Kennedy, RVN
  • Sarah Williams   – PetSavers Coordinator/Minutes Secretary (BSAVA staff)



Become a volunteer

If you are already a BSAVA member, you can help PetSavers in a variety of ways by becoming a volunteer. Please contact Carole Haile on c.haile@bsava.com to find out more about becoming a volunteer.

If you are a veterinary professional and are not a BSAVA member, you can find out more about becoming a BSAVA member here

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