Fundraise with friends, with colleagues or your local community and have fun! 

Be active

  • You could organise an individual event like a sponsored swim or cycle and set yourself a personal fitness challenge as well as a fundraising target.
  • Join a national event like a marathon or the Three Peaks Challenge and choose PetSavers as your charity. 
  • Get a team together and create a sports tournament such as five-a-side football - making it competitive can make it even more fun and you can encourage other local families, businesses, school mates or colleagues to get involved.
  • Why not go abroad and set yourself a challenge, just like Jackie Harrop who cycled across Costa Rica or Wolfgang Dohne who took part in the world's most northern cross-country ski race in Svalgard, an island off the north coast of Scandinavia.

Be brave

  • Why not do something daring like a skydive, bungee jump or zip wire challenge, just like Northwest Surgeons vet practice.  The challenge will benefit you as well as PetSavers and if you are doing it as a team, it is a great opportunity for team building. 
  • Encourage your child, niece, nephew or grandchild to conquer their fears! If you know someone who is learning to swim, work with them to set a challenge and a timescale and ask people to sponsor them.  This will help them to learn to swim and support PetSavers at the same time.

Be social

  • Organise a charity dog walk or puppy socialisation play dates with your clients and charge a fee.
  • You can raise money within your practice by holding a cake sale or having an open day with games.
  • Organise sweepstakes for events such as Wimbledon or Strictly Come Dancing.
  • Organise a picnic in the park for clients and their four-legged friends and charge an entry fee. 
  • Create a pub quiz style event for clients or local businesses and charge a fee.


Do your own fundraising

Get inspiration

Take a look at how other people are supporting PetSavers and what practices and individuals have done in the past to help us.

Get some ideas


Gain advice on how to promote your efforts and get the most out of your experience

Hints and tips

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