BSAVA PetSavers Awards

The BSAVA PetSavers Veterinary Achievement Award, sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition

This award is presented to the first author of the most valuable peer-reviewed research paper published following a BSAVA PetSavers grant, in the previous 12 months. The PetSavers Management Committee votes on this and determines the most valuable research with respect to veterinary practice. Winners of this award receive prize money of £1000, two BSAVA manuals of their choice and a certificate. The awards are made at BSAVA Congress.


2021 award

This was given to Vicky Ironside for her paper Risk indictors in cats with preclinical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a prospective cohort study. Vicky's paper was chosen because it was thought to be a great study about a very common disease in cats that finds interesting and likely clinically relevant data. Of particular relevance to first opinion practice is the fact that fairly non-invasive assessments for patients were chosen alongside parameters that first opinion clinicians can use to monitor preclinical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cases.

“I greatly appreciate recognition of the hard work involved in the study and the paper for my co-authors as well as myself. We aimed to uncover useful information from the study and the award endorses our feeling that we succeeded. I hope that winning the award means that the paper is likely to be more widely read and it will inspire further research into this prevalent and frustrating disease.”  Vicky Ironside

2022 award

The 2022 prize was awarded to Professor Ross Bond from the RVC for his paper Transverse sectioning in the evaluation of skin biopsy specimens from alopecic dogs,which was considered to be a well-structured study that used robust methodology to investigate the benefits of including transverse sectioning of skin biopsies from alopecic dogs alongside the routinely used vertical sectioning technique. The two sample processing methods were shown to be highly complementary, with transverse sectioning providing enhanced assessment of the hair growth phase, and follicular structure and architecture. The findings suggest a relatively simple change to current sample processing that will provide additional diagnostic information, and fundamentally improve the pathological assessment of skin samples from dogs with alopecia with no additional risk for the patient.

I am very pleased to receive this award and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the co-authors on the study: Anke Hendricks, Janet Paterson-Kane, Kim Stevens and Harriet Brooks-Brownlie. My own association with BSAVA PetSavers stretches back to 1992 when their predecessor (Clinical Studies Trust Fund) kindly funded my PhD, and I have been most fortunate to have received a number of grants from them since. PetSavers funding fills an important niche, given their interest in work of direct relevance to veterinary practice. This study was a total blast to perform, and it is most rewarding that BSAVA PetSavers found it to be of value.” Ross Bond

***New for 2023!*** The BSAVA PetSavers Clinical Research Abstract Award

This award will be presented to the first author of the most valuable Clinical Research Abstract funded by a BSAVA PetSavers grant, presented at the preceding year’s BSAVA Congress. The PetSavers Grant Awarding Committee votes on this, taking into account factors such as the suitability of the method to answer the hypothesis, the explanation of findings and presentation skills. Winners of this award receive prize money of £300, two BSAVA manuals of their choice and a certificate. The awards are made at BSAVA Congress. 

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