Project team pets


Roxie is Carri’s senior dog and is half pug, a quarter chihuahua and a quarter pomeranian. She’s 9 years old and, according to Carri, is a bossy princess who doesn’t like anyone else running agility except her. She does adore children and licking nostrils though.





Taliesin (Talie)

Talie is a senior husky who belongs to Lisa. He’s now 11 years old and has osteochondrosis – a bone growth disorder caused by an attack from another dog – as well as a perineal hernia and food allergies. He doesn’t let his medical conditions stop him though and is a determined boy when it comes to deciding where to go on walks and when to stop – usually at the top of a mountain surveying his domain!







Kamilla is a 13 year-old geriatric Labrador retriever belonging to Eniko, who loves eating everything and is very sociable, confident and trainable.

She has dysplasia but loves walks and being on boats – as you can see!

BSAVA senior pets


This is Finn – he belongs to Ian, the chair of the BSAVA’s Council – and he’s an elderly mixed breed with a large dose of poodle.

Finn was recently adopted from the Dog's Trust and is around 14 years' old. Despite the fact that Finn is blind, partially deaf, toothless and has a significant cardiac murmur, Ian says that he has incredible resilience, spirit and bravery. 

“Being blind, he takes long strides with his forelegs so that his head doesn’t bump into things. No matter what happens, he’ll never go back to the rescue centre. His home is here with us.”

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