Pet guides

As part of their commitment to promote excellence in small animal practice, the BSAVA has developed a range of materials for members of the public and professionals to download and print out in aid of BSAVA PetSavers. These are available in the BSAVA Library and can be downloaded individually below.

A small number of hard copies are also available in exchange for a donation to BSAVA PetSavers. If you are in veterinary practice and would like printed copies to give to clients, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. 

Client information leaflets

A range of canine-focused information leaflets have been created to offer clients extra advice after they leave the consultation room. These are downloadable only.

My dog does not like other dogs
My dog has dental disease
My dog has diabetes
My dog has itchy skin
My dog has kidney disease

Puppy guide

Your dog will be a member of your family for many years so it is worth considering how you will provide for its needs. This handy guide will help you prepare for your puppy's arrival.


Kitten guide

Owning a kitten brings its own special rewards and responsibilities and is not a decision that should be undertaken lightly. This handy guide will help you prepare for your kitten's arrival.


Rabbit guide

Rabbits make friendly, intelligent pets – they are easy to handle, rarely bite, are active during the day and are highly sociable and so are suitable for both adults and families with children. Find out more by downloading the guide.


Guinea Pig guide

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are small, lively and gentle animals that make great pets for many people. This handy guide will help you prepare for your new pet.


Caring for your elderly pet

As your pet gets older, you may notice changes in their behaviour.  This handy guide gives advice on how to deal with this stage of their lives.


Losing your pet

This guide aims to give advice for when your pet passes away.


Collection Box

We have our very own collection boxes, with thermometers included, that you can place in your own vet practice for clients to use following a donation. These thermometers can be used in vehicles to indicate when it is too warm for pets, and you can order this at the bottom of the webpage.

Order copies for your practice

UPDATE: Printed copies of the PetSavers puppy and kitten guides are no longer available. The downloadable version of the puppy guide can be accessed here and the downloadable kitten guide can be accessed here.

We request a donation towards postage and printing costs, which should be made via our JustGiving page.  When this has gone through, complete the form below and include your donation reference number. Please note that your order will be rejected if you do not include your JustGiving reference details.

This form is for requesting material only  We will not contact you for advertising or promotional purposes unless you are already a BSAVA member who has previously expressed an interest in PetSavers, or you have signed up to our newsletter.

Access the BSAVA Privacy Policy for more information on how we use your data.

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